How to get to SUPINFO Beijing Campus?


Room 901&902
4th Teaching Building
Beijing University of Technology
Ping Le Yuan 100
Chaoyang District
100022 BEIJING
Tel:+86 10 6739 1565



To come to SUPINFO Beijing, there are different ways:
WAY 1: Beijing Capital Airport Express Train

T3 of Capital Airport → T2 of Capital Airport → Sanyuanqiao → Dongzhimen

Stations First Last Accessible Transfer
T2 06:35 23:10
T3 06:21 22:51
Sanyuanqiao 06:52 23:27 Subway Line 10


Fare: CNY25/person

At each of the four pick-up stations, you could purchase a card ticket by RMB cash from the manual ticket office or the ticket vending machines which have Chinese and English service. Please keep your ticket well since it will be reclaimed when you exit from the express train station. In case you lose the ticket, you have to pay for a compensatory ticket which charges CNY250/person.


–How to Take

When you arrive in Beijing Capital Airport, please follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station → purchase a ticket and enter into the waiting hall → get off the train and return the ticket → exit from the subway station or purchase another ticket to transfer to subway Line 10.

0825161254Helpful Chinsese:

你好,请问机场快轨怎么走?(Excuse me, Where can I find the airport express train?)

-Ni Hao, Qing Wen Ji Chang Kuai Gui Zen Me Zou?

你好,我买一张票。(Hello, I want to buy one ticket please.)

-Ni Hao, Wo Mai Yi Zhang Piao.

You need to take the Airport Express Train to Sanyuanqiao. Then purchase another ticket to transfer to line 10, the ticket will cost CNY 5yuans/person. Take line 10 to Jinsong station(劲松) or Shuangjing station(双井). Please find the Beijing subway map here.


-If you get off in Jingsong(劲松), please get out of the subway from exit C, then you can take taxi (14rmb) or turn right for 50m you can find a bus station, take bus 535 or 541,  after 5 stops, you will arrive at station Beijing University of Technology (北京工业大学站Beijing GongYe DaXue).

-If you get off in Shuangjing(双井), please change the line 7 until to Jiu Long Shan(九龙山), then you can change the line 14 until Bei Gong Da Xi Men(北工大西门), you should take the exit C.

SUPINFO is located near the east gate of BJUT, when you arrive in Bei Gong Da Xi Men station, you need to enter BJUT by west gate to find SUPINFO Beijing(901, 4th teaching building)(GoogleMap) or find directly east gate.

Helpful info:

In China, the bus ticket is 1rmb/person, you can directly put 1yuan  inside the box, don’t need to ask the driver.

Helpful Chinese:

你好,请问第四教学楼怎么走?(Hello, how can i find the 4th teaching building?)

-Ni Hao, Qing Wen Di Si Jiao Xue Lou Zen Me Zou?

你好,我要去北京工业大学东门。(hello, I want to go to the east gate of Beijing University of Technology.)

-Ni Hao, Wo Yao Qu Beijing Gong Ye Da Xue Dong Men.

Turn left when you enter in east gate, in the first cross road, the first red building at your left is the 4th teaching building, SUPINFO Beijing in the room 901&902 of 9th floor.



WAY 2: Airport Shuttle

Please find the airport shuttle info here.

–Ticket Office

Terminal 1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1

Terminal 2: Gate No. 9 to No.11 (outside) on F1

Terminal 3: exit of Zone A, opposite of the exit of Zone C onF2; next to Gate5, 7&11 on F1

You need to take airport shuttle line 1:

BCIA–Fangzhuang Route (首都机场–方庄)

Tell the bus driver you need to stop at Panjiayuan station(潘家园).


Then you can take a taxi to east gate of Beijing University of Technology. It will take 15 rmb.


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